Alejandra Vargas Diaz

Born in Mexico City, 1979.

Alejandra Vargas Diaz holds a BA in Graphic Design.

Directly after graduating, she left her country for Europe. Where she spent 8 years living and working in Barcelona for Advertisement. Two years before embarking on a new European chapter, she placed special energy and focus on her own creative outlet with the aim to redirect her career. This took her to show her work in exhibitions in cities like Barcelona (Es) Kortrijk (Be), Berlin (De), Paris (Fr), and more. These fulfilling experiences let her know that it was the right way to go. Based in Berlin, she now works as a freelance artist, with an emphasis on collage techniques to create art pieces and editorial.

As a freelance artist, she seeks to create unique and strong aesthetic compositions, combining old school techniques with new media tools. Delicate but strong, filled with organic, sharp and almost everytime colorful forms. Conceptualizing pieces that reflect dialogs and reflexions toward situations and emotions acknowledge on the developed topic. 


08/2017, Art Group Exhibition, Le Genie D'Alex, Paris
05/2017, Art Group Exhibition curated by Kamil Frankowitz, Das Giftraum, Berlin
11/2016, This is Latin Photography! curated by Stephan van Kuyk for Azúcar Gallery, Berlin
07/2015, Artistes Emergents Festa Vespres 10 Anys UB curated by Marta Perpinyàn for Universidad de Barcelona, Barcelona
06/2015, Open Doors Collective Art Exhibition at Nest Atelier, Barcelona
09/2014, Die Lange Nacht der Museen at Milchbar, Münster, Germany
09/2014, D!NG EXHIBITION XI curated by Jolien Dirix & Sarah Vierstraete at RAAM, Kortrijk, Belgium
01-03/2014, For the Love of Visual Expression Solo Photography Exhibition at Tarannà, Barcelona