Merle Schewe

llustration, print & paper art in rainbow colors

Merle Schewe is a freelance designer and illustrator from Hamburg, Germany. Following her master’s degree in fashion design she worked as a print designer in the fashion business. Also, she put products in scene in the ad industry.

Merle´s specialty is the pictorial world: from products, people, fashion, textile prints to interior, plants, packaging and editorial. In her colorful work she combines different techniques. Merle likes the digital, yet loves handcraft.

From illustration to paper art and set styling: According to customer requirements Merle works with pencil and brush and refines her work digitally - or she works completely analogously with paper and scissors.

As strained fashion designer Merle has a sure sense for diverse materials, moods, tends, colors and compositions. She finds inspiration, when sniffing air at a lonely lake, at flea market strolls and above all when traveling the whole wide world...


Jung von Matt, Görtz, Tchibo, Kaufland, Swarowski Elements, 4711, Mäurer und Wirtz, Fragrance Recorces, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Miss Magazin, Afos Stiftung, PPD, Justice F, holicow, Laliwa Weavers Association, HEIMATDESIGN, Klippan